Tuesday, September 23, 2008

May we love foreve..!!!!

From strangers to lover
it has been a difficult way
flirting and feelings
and mixed emotions
and the range of hateret
and over powered me once
felt like end of the world
when you cheated on me

Today we are lovers to be
like we were sweethearts from eternity
like there was never a begining
like there will never come an end
this is the magic of love
the love we share now my friend

i wish you make me feel cheesy
and comfurlable as you do
may the life we have dreamt of
is written dowm the history
from the mistry os love
to love’s deepest findings
may we live foreve;

you and me


raaaj said...

My days have never been brighter
Because you fill them with much laughter
My heart has never been warmer
Because you care for me and our future
My life has never been happier
Because you turn everything sweeter
My feelings have never been stronger
Because you make me love you like no other.

Anonymous said...

Walk with me my love
Your every steps will touch my heart.
Dance with me and enjoy the rhythm of life
Sing with me and enjoy the beauty of life
Talk to me and find the art of love
Walk with me my love
Hold me tight to comfort in each other
Hug me gently to cherries each other’s love
Laugh with me to forget this world
Cry with me to understand each other’s sorrow
Walk with me my love
Find with me the truth of love
Find with me the peace of our souls
Find with me your heart in me
Find with me my sincere love on you
Walk with me forever my love