Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Diwali

Wishing Happy Diwali To All My Friends.... PALAK...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ek Din Hum Phir Mil Jayein Gayein

Main Nay Poocha Kaisey Ho
Badlay Ho Ya Waisey Ho
Roop Woh Hi Andaaz Woh Hi
Ya Phir Is Main Koi Kammi Hai
Hijaar Ka Kuch Ehsaas To Ho Ga
Koi Tumharay Paas To Ho Ga
Main Beechhdi Majboori Thi
Kab Manzoor Mujhay Doori Thi
Sath Humara Kab Choota Tha
Rooh Ka Rishta Kab Toota Tha
Aankh Say Aansoo Jo Behtay Thay
Tum Ko Khabar Hai Kia Kehtay Thay
Main Nay Kaha Aawaaz Tumhari
Aaj Bhi Hai Hum Raaz Humari
Phool Waffa Ke Khil Jayein Gayein
Ek Din Hum Phir Mil Jayein Gayein

Thursday, October 9, 2008

પ્રાર્થના ... ( In Gijarati)

હે પ્રભો !
વિપત્તિમાં મારી રક્ષા કરો, એ મારી પ્રાર્થના નથી,
પણ વિપત્તિમાં હું ભય ન પામું,
એ મારી પ્રાર્થના છે.
દુ:ખ ને સંતાપથી ચિત્ત વ્યથિત થઇ જાય ત્યારે
મને સાંત્વના ન આપો તો ભલે,
પણ દુ:ખ પર હું વિજય મેળવી શકું એવું કરજો.
મને સહાય ન આવી મળે તો કાંઇ નહિ,
પણ મારું બળ તૂટી ન પડે.
સંસારમાં મને નુકસાન થાય,
કેવળ છેતરાવાનું જ મને મળે,
તો મારા અંતરમાં હું તેને મારી હાનિ ન માનું તેવું કરજો.
મને તમે ઉગારો - એવી મારી પ્રાર્થના નથી,
પણ હું તરી શકું એટલું બાહુબળ મને આપજો.
મારો બોજો હળવો કરી મને ભલે હૈયાધારણ ન આપો,
પણ એને હું ઊંચકી જઈ શકું એવું કરજો.
સુખના દિવસોમાં નમ્રભાવે તમારું મુખ હું ઓળખી શકું,
દુ:ખની રાતે, સમગ્ર ધરા જ્યારે પગ તળેથી ખસી જાય
ત્યારે તમે તો છો જ -
એ વાતમાં કદી સંદેહ ન થાય, એવું કરજો.

ઉમાશંકર જોશી --

This is one of jy favourite prayer in gujarati... and yes this is my first post in Gujarati Language....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Women cries………………………

One day, a young boy asked his mom.
“Why are you crying?”
“Because I’m a woman” she told him.
“I don’t understand,” he said.
His Mom just hugged him and said, “And you never will, but that’s okay.”
Later the little boy asked his father, “Why does mom seem to cry for no reason?”
“All women cry for no reason” was all his dad could say.
The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry finally, he put in a call to God.

When God got back to him, he asked, “God, why do women cry so easily?”

God answered, “When I made women, I decided she had to be special.

  • I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet her arms gentle nough to give comfort.

  • I gave her the inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times will come, even from her own children.

  • I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going and take care of her family and friends, even when everyone else gives up, through sickness and fatigue, without complaining.

  • I gave her sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances even when her child has hurt her badly. She has the very special power to make a child’s boo-boo feel better and to quell a teenager’s anxieties and fears.

  • I gave her strength to care for her husband, despite faults, and I fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart.

  • I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife but some times tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly.

    For all of this hard work, I also gave her a tear to shed, It is her’s to use whenever needed and is her only weakness.”

    “When you see her cry, tell her how much u love her and all she does for everyone. And even though she may still cry, you will have made her heart feel ” She is special!”

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And we met one day...!!!!!

And we met one day
you were surprised, i was shocked..
you smiled, i shrugged.
"Long time"
and a silence followed.

Last time, your silence had broken me
this time, you broke the silence.
"I have to go, he would be waiting."
"Ah, sure. I hope we meet again…
somehow, somewhere"
We parted our ways again,
but with a goodbye and smile,
oh really?

We could have talked,
about our lives without each other,
or rather about..
how you landed in this city again.
or rather about..
old buddies and good old times.

No, not really..
how can we become so casual,
after all that had happened.

But we could have said something else
on weather, winds, sun, countries…
Thousands of things
people talk about
when they have nothing
to say to each other.

But we went away,
We were ashamed
of surviving without each other
for all these goddamn years

Happy Navratri..

Wishing You all Very Happy Navratri …..
It is believed that Goddess Durga on her 10 day journey around the earth removes all evil....... May Goddess Durga destroy all evil in and around you and fill your life with happiness and prosperity.

May this Navratri… Bring You Joy and Happiness... To last through out the year! Shubh Navratri