Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For U.....

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Lying on my bed and thinking of you,
Having u near with those feelings of you,
I never thought I’ll meet you this way,
My night is lonely and lonely is my day.
Thinking of you when I feel myself alone,
My heart starts crying who was before like a stone.
When I walk on my way I just wish to have you
When I see anywhere I wish to see you.
The world was laughing when I was waiting for you,
Saying that you are my dream which can never come true,
Always I asked god that just once I want to see you,
I always saw an image in my dreams which I found in you,
Never felt this ever in my life before I met you,
Every passing breeze touched me, thru which I felt you,
I wished I could hold you, touch you, feel you,
Even my heart says a wish that I want to love you,
Though you are far away from me it’s hard for me to see you,
With my closed eyes I always find myself beside you.
Holding you in my arms walking on those silent ways,
The world is seeing me alone but you are here with me always,
Looking at your eyes I feel like getting lost myself in them,
Once if you try you’ll know how much I love you
Wishing for this and the next coming life to be with you
Maybe it’s a dream of mine which will remain as a dream,
Yeah but when I dream.......
I dream that I m really loving you.

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Anonymous said...

a very sweet and pure way of expressing feelings for someone you love more than ur life...every word of yours will touch everyone who ever loved anyone truely in their touched me i am sure about writing...snkr..