Thursday, July 10, 2008

...And the moon smiled !!

As she walked; the moon too walked further. And she thought she was all alone. The moon was at peak of his beauty; wrapping up the whole world in his glow. How could she escape? She had emerged like a midas touched blessing in that moon light.

She looked at the moon; she felt like the moon smiled at her. She could not hold back and she smiled back!! And those tears in her eyes evaporated.

He also smiled looking at her smile hiding behind that dark bush. He felt his world is at total peace. A tranquil world ; where everything was just perfect !!

He thanked moon for that smile. He could do anything for the smile. He even could give up his most desired dream; like he did.

It was pretty late; when he headed his home. There was no sleep in his eyes; though he tried p.a lot. "Tomorrow will be a busy day" he told himself ; after all it was "HER" wedding!!

P.s. : This is from Mostly Monologues. when i was reading this just lost from the world ... it's so wonderful and meaningfull. Some slience r there then after all things r laoud ..


Anonymous said...

This is real imagination of the dream seen by open eyes !!!


nedhi said...

really speechless conversation