Sunday, July 18, 2010

Giving up….

I know how hard is giving up
But sometimes I had to
Because of the need to do
The need to close the heart
The heart that is so ambivalent
For I can't decide
Whether to follow or not

Giving up, not that easy to do
The heart, the mind maybe affected too
But what can I do
The heart is too afraid to follow

Following seems so easy
Yet so hard to decide
Especially when afraid
The feelings that cannot be shared
Just the thought
Just in words, but not in deed

Giving up….

* I Love You *


आशीष/ ASHISH said...

Oh B'ful!

Anonymous said...

Really.... Giving up, not that easy to do...!


संजय भास्कर said...


संजय भास्कर said...