Friday, December 26, 2008


Why do you hope anything from someone?

Why someone, whom you trust most and to whom you look for support, never lies true to your expectations?

Why someone, whom you can never see upset, is always busy when you need him/her the most?

Why someone, whom you are always ready to hear, doesn't give you his/her ears when you want to talk to them?



Anonymous said...

I've got the question
I've had it for days
You've got the answer, dear
I'll put the question
In one little phrase
Say what I want to hear


amul said...

hi pal,

toooo gooooood

Palko ke kinare humne bhigoye hi nahi,
woh sochte hai hum roye hi nahi,
woh puchte hai khwabon me kise dekhte ho,
hum hai ki ek umr se soye hi nahi…

raaaj said...

There is a very good lines because there are some know aboute DOSTI and LOVE so I want say to you thank for it.