Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And we met one day...!!!!!

And we met one day
you were surprised, i was shocked..
you smiled, i shrugged.
"Long time"
and a silence followed.

Last time, your silence had broken me
this time, you broke the silence.
"I have to go, he would be waiting."
"Ah, sure. I hope we meet again…
somehow, somewhere"
We parted our ways again,
but with a goodbye and smile,
oh really?

We could have talked,
about our lives without each other,
or rather about..
how you landed in this city again.
or rather about..
old buddies and good old times.

No, not really..
how can we become so casual,
after all that had happened.

But we could have said something else
on weather, winds, sun, countries…
Thousands of things
people talk about
when they have nothing
to say to each other.

But we went away,
We were ashamed
of surviving without each other
for all these goddamn years


raaaj said...

bahut khoob, palak tumhari iss poem se gulam ali ke gazal ki yeh panktiyan gungunane kaa mann karata hai:-

Itanii Muddat Baad Mile Ho
Kin Socho Mein Gum Rahate Ho

Tez Havaa Ne Mujh Se Puuchhaa
Ret Pe Kyaa Likhate Rahate Ho

Kaun Si Baat Hai Tum Mei Aisii
Itane Achchhe Kyon Lagate Ho

Ham Se Na Puuchho Hijr Ke Kisse
Apanii Kaho Ab Tum Kaise Ho

Anonymous said...

your silence had broken me...