Sunday, June 6, 2021


जब कोई अपना जाता है...
तो एक भावशून्यता जकड़ लेती है..
न शब्द मिलते हैं..
और न ही ये समझ आता है 
कि आसपास क्या हो रहा है...

बस एक झूठी सी आस लगी रहती है 
कि..काश एक बार और आंखें खोल दें.. 
काश एक बार और सांस ले लें...
और ये आस श्मशान तक साथ ही जाती है...

और जब अग्नि इस आस को तोड़ देती है...
तो भारी मन से वहाँ से घर लौटते वक्त 
बस एक और आस रह जाती है...
कि काश ये कोई बुरा सपना हो...
और जैसे ही मैं जागूँ...
सब कुछ पहले जैसा ही हो...

और ये खयाल कि अब सब कुछ पहले जैसा नहीं होने वाला..
आंख से आंसू निकाल देता है...

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Unplanned love Planned By destiny

Aditi was crying,crying hard inside her room when suddenly her mother entered,, "Aditi" she whispered in dim.... Hearing her mother's voice Aditi controlled her tears and whipped her face, turned with a smile "yes mumma"
But as we say mother knows her child very well..
Her mother could feel her sorrow and knew her smile was fake.. seeing Aditi like this she felt an ache in her heart,she couldn't believe her daughter who was full of life is suffering like this...
"Aditi, no need to give that fake smile, I m ur mother and cn feel ur pain beta, mujhse kya chupa rhi h" her mother said While holding her hand... "I think u should move on in life now honey, marry piyush, hez a nice guy n will keep u happy" she continued...
Aditi couldn't control herself after listening this and her eyes speak out....

"Mummy, u noe very well I surrended myself to Adi, I gave my soul to him, marrying someone will be sin for me " she rplyd back to her mother and tears rolled down frm her eyes and made her cheeks wet...
"Mumma hez der with me everytime in my memories, in my dreams and in my heart... I still remember how we first met" she continued
Aditi was a bubbly,loquacious,extrovert girl, her desire was to become a successful model On the other hand Adi was a simple,reserved, studious guy and an aspiring army officer...
Aditi and Adi were just like north pole and south pole but as we say different pole attracts eachothe ,isn't it?
Where Adi was working hard for his passion,Aditi was dreaming abt her success and Destiny was planning something else for them....
Both were in the same school but never noticed eachother as closely.. 
So,intially it was their first meeting with eachother,which happened like this...

""School was celebrating its 29th annual day"".
Aditi was chosen as the female host for the annual day and the hunt for male host was on.. Adi's frnds forced him to go for the audition, as soon as Adi entered the hall his teacher looked at him suprisingly... "Adi, r u here was the audition" she asked him... She was suprised to see him and so were his classmates... "Yes ma'am" he said hesitatingly... Yes u guessed it right,he was selected... "Yaar,dekh Tere kehne par audition diya n now m out of this" Adi said to his frnd chetan.. "wot r u mad Adi,tujhe pta bhi h who's ur partner "Aditi" one of the most gorgeous girl of our school" chetan said excitingly... "Toh ek kaam kr,tu kr le jakar" Adi rplyed and went... Chetan ran behind him and said "bhai sunn,dekh Jb tak annual day Ho nhi jaata tab tak toh padhai waise bhi nhi honi toh Teri padhai ka lose nhi Ho rha and kr le yr plz Tere through meri baat bhi Ho jaegi Aditi se" he mad a puppy face while saying this.... "Tu kbhi nhi sudharega chetan"Adi nodded his head smiled n agreed.
Rehersal for the annual day started frm the very next day..
Adi was waiting for his scripts.. "hey,Adi! Here r our scripts" someone said frm behind...
Adi turned back,,, 

"Hi,I m Aditi! Ur partner" she introduced herself.. Thanks for the scripts he rplyd back and went to a corner for practising holding scripts in hand...
"Aditi, u also go with him n pls practice well" her teacher said, Aditi went towards Adi...
"Ma'am said to practice together and she sended me here" she said... "Okay,so let's practice" 
Adi was about to start his practice when Aditi said "so, hv heard a lot abt u, u r such a brilliant student, Kaise padh lete ho Itna" Aditi whispered..
"U heard something wrong, m just an average student" Adi rplyd with a smile..
"No no, I hv seen ur result" and Aditi began with her chit chat, Adi kept on giving a fake smile...
"Uff, how cn someone talk so much" he muttered.. Bell rang zero period got over and it was now time for their classes..
"Brother, how was ur practise'? Chetan asked in a naughty way.
"Practice" Adi shouted..
"Practice hui he kaha,Shez a chatter box,Uski he pattar pattar khatam nhi hui, bht bolti h yr...what u guys liked in her" Adi answered chetan..
Chetan looked at him strangely 
"Adi mere bhai, r u normal?? girls r usually like this only, go n get ourself checked brother" chetan said to Adi and laughed...
So, intially it was Adi's and Aditi's first meeting
Second day again the practice started... Adi asusual again on time and Aditi came a little late... "Oh, srry I guess m a bit late" Aditi said to Adi.
"Ya a bit late" he rplyd with a smile..
"So, shall be proceed further and practice" though he said with a smile but it seemed liked if he was ordering her..
"So, Adi tell me abt ur self, apart frm studies what else you like?" Aditi asked him...
"Aditi, let's practice"
Arrey we cn do that later first let us noe each other well, hai na and she started...
"Aditi, will u just stop it,,we r here for practise nt for knowing eachother" he shouted
She got numb hearing this and moved a bit away frm him after saying "sorry"...
Adi later realised what he did was wrong and wanted to apologize...

It was break time, he along with chetan went towards Aditi's class and saw her standing near the class door..
"Aditi, look back Adi is coming here.. I guess hez coming here For you" her friend whispered..
Without looking back she ran inside washroom,Nw Adi was feeling more guilty for what he did...
Next day, during the practice time he saw her standing at one corner,practising her scripts... He went towards her, she wanted to ignore him but as he was near to her she couldn't... 
" hi, look m" as he was about to say srry..
She left that place and immediately Adi holded her hand...
"Adi, r u mad? What ppl will think abt us" she whispered angrily..
"It hardly matters me, I know what yesterday was wrong and m really sorry for it.. plz Aditi" 
"It's ok,Adi" she rplyd back..
"If its ok den plz cn u curve ur lips and smile for me atleast a little please" 
Aditi couldn't control her anger more and smiled
That was just the beginning of their friendship
Slowly slowly they exchanged their no.
The time betwn annual day and Rehersal bought the two closer, they became good frnds.. 

Finally it was Annual day, they both ready..
He was wearing a black suit and she was wearing a Saree..
She was looking gorgeous,tall height with a perfect figure...
He couldnt got his eyes away from her..
"You r looking beautiful really beautiful" he whispered
"Tu bhi handsome se thoda upar he lag rha" she replied 
The annual day got over... 
Aditi was standing near a bus stop, Adi noticed her and asked if he could drop her.
First she denied bt as it was getting late so she agreed..
"Adi, do u have a license"? She asked
"No I don't" 
She stopped near the car and looked at him "seriously" 
" Arrey, I do hv! Don't worry sit" he said and opened the car door..
" so tell me something about Urself" Adi asked
"We r nt here to discuss something about ourself" she giggled while saying this... He realised she was taunting her
" why do u girls remember everything, Kbhi kuch bhool bhi jaya karo" 
"Aaaaaaa abt me ok I love dancing but I don't like studies, want to become a successful model" Now its ur turn, she said after telling a bit abt herself.
"Well, I love outing and want to join Indian army" he answered
" ok, wowww "Army" sexy uniform, ahaaaa" she quoted...

He laughed 
"So how will u join"? She asked being clueless
"Google it" he answered smartly..
Stop stop stop that's my house she said in a hurry
"That's my house that purple one, come will introduce u to my family" she said Ponting towards her house
"May be Nxt time,today m in a hurry n waise bhi I live near to ur place" he rplyd
"Oh wow that's grt and thank u so much" Aditi said and moved towards her place..
Next day during the break Adi and chetan were having their casual talks Whn Adi said something about Aditi which made chetan shocked... Chetan kept looking at Adi for a moment.
"Tujhe pta h what u said," her soul is as beautiful as her outer looks" he repeated Adi's words..
This her was no one other thn Aditi... 
"Brother Itni jaldi tu ne Uski soul bhi check kr Li, good going hmmm" he said in a teasing way..
" its nt like that we just had a word and that's all" Adi replied back..
" ahm ahm, just a word" 
Shut up chetan and in between Aditi entered their class..
"Hey, Hiii Aditi! Welcome to our classroom" chetan said excitingly, she replied him back with a smile..
"Woh actually tomorrow we all r hving an off so all my frnds decided to go for a movie so I thought to invite you and chetan as well" 

" yes,obviously me and Adi will surely come, Kyu Adi jaenge na?" Chetan looked at Adi... 
" yaa,we will Slowly"
slowly after few months love bought them together, Adi confessed his love for her and Aditi couldn't deny it as she too had fallen for him...
Tomorrow meet me in that park near to ur tuition, adi said to Aditi
It's 6:30pm and Aditi was waiting for usual he waz avoid her anger Adi played smartly) ..he bought chocolates and roses for her.... Before She could say something Adi just bended on his knees presented chocolates n roses to her n smiled.... Seeing him like this Aditi too smiled n said nautanki khatam ho gae Ho toh chale ..
They both started walking in the park n were having der usual talkz....suddenly a fresh dew of water pour on Aditi's hand....yes u guessed it started to a beautiful aurah it was.. "Yayyyyyy mujhe baarish bht bht pasand h" she shouted shouted .. n mujhe tu Adi rplyed be more perfect then holding your lover'z hand in rain n looking straight into his/her eyez.... Adi pulled Aditi towards him n put his hand on her waist and hugged her tightly........ Aditi could fell how much he lovez her..... " I just wanted this moment to pause forever n ever" Aditi whispered in his ear.
It was the last day of their pre board...
"So how was ur exam" Adi asked Aditi..
" thik tha n Tera toh bht acha hua hoga, hai na?" Aditi asked him
"Let's go home, m waiting near parking cum soon" he said to her and moved towards his car... 
"Chalo,start the car" she said 
Adi holded her hand and started the car..
"Lo aa gya Tera Ghr Chl utar Ab" he said in a naughty way..
"Come inside n this time no excuse" 
She opened the lock
They both entered the house..
"So now tell me what will u have" she asked him
"Nathing just a glass of water" 
"Don't be so formal, I don't noe how to cook but we cn order something, tell me what u want to have n plz be quick Adi" 
"What ever u wish to eat just order that I ll also hv same thing" he rplyed..
Aditi was sitting next to him, when Adi holded her hand and said
"Aditi u r the best thing that has happened to me, m really lucky to have u and kissed her"
She felt blessed to hv him..
Adi lay his head on her lap and looked at her as he was admiring her beauty silently...
Suddenly Adi's phone rang and he answered the call...
He got up all of a sudden after answering the call..
"Aditi I need to leave, in a hurry" 
"But Adi where r u going, what happened" He kissed her forhead and left.
After he left Aditi thought to visit CCD...
She went their and saw Adi sitting with a girl...he was talking happily as if he got a bucket full of chocolates.
Without thinking much she went near the table and tap Adi frm behind..
"Adi, what r u doing here"
Ofcourse she got Jealous..
"Aditiii" he said in a strange tone, sit Aditi,.
For obvious reason she was expecting him to introduce her as his GIRLFRIEND infront of her but to her surprise he just said "Meet Aditi my friend"

Well it was just like a slap on their relationship..
She got hurt...
It seemed as if he was ashamed of telling people about of her as his girlfriend. 
She didn't say anything that time but later on she cried a lot....
She didn't received his call nor tried his no.
That weekend she went to her friends place and drunk a lot, so much that she couldn't even hold upto her senses properly..
It was late at night she just dialled his number and said "I want to meet you"
"Are you drunk Aditi?" he asked annoyingly
"Come and meet me right now" she demanded
"Where are you?" he said, she told him her location.
Within half hour he was there. Aditi saw him, and laughed crazily and said "So Mr. Adi is here"
Adi kept standing with his hands folded. For the first time he didn't smile seeing her.. 
He held her hand and took her home in his car...
Whole way he kept silent while she blabbered...
"Adiii, what happened to her, is she ok?" Aditi's sister asked him seeing Aditi like this
"Yes, she is" he rplyd and was about to leave when Aditi held his hand..
He immediately moved his hand away and started walking out
Suddenly she shouted "So now you feel ashamed of me even in private?"
He turned and shouted back "Yes! Today I am ashamed of you."
"Today? just today? You are Always!"
"What has happened to you?" He asked her
"First you tell why you ashamed of accepting me infront of your friends"
He stayed silent. "I am not ashamed of you. I just don't believe in sharing my personal life with people who don't value in my life but I tell about you to people whom I value that's my parents and family but you are so selfish and stupid. Just don't contact me now."
And saying that he left.
Aditi was ashamed for what she did, she tried to contact him but he didn't answered her call nor rplyd to her msgs..
She decided to visit his place..
Took out her favorite floral print dress from her wardrobe and dressed beautifully..
She rang the door bell and Adi's maid opened the door as she knew Aditi..
Aditi asked her where is Adi and went inside his room, Adi was sleeping..
She looked at him and said to her isn't he so innocent..
Aditi sat next to him,placed her hand on his head and kissed his forhead...
Adi suddenly woke up from his sleep and looked at her.. he thought hez dreaming
"Wake up darling" she said in her lovely voice
"With whose permission u entered my place, I told u nt to talk to me anymore" he said in a rude way
"Do u think I need someone's permission before entering" she rplyd back
"Aditi please leave what u did yesterday was nt tolerable" he shouted 
Aditi eyes got moist and she said in a dim voice" I m sorry for yesterday, I noe what I did was wrong but I got jealous and was expecting u to introduce me as ur gf but, m sorry"
She stood up for leaving the place but she heard Adi's voice
" you u I noe love u a lot Aditi"
Months and years passed and their love kept on increasing with each passing day...
Adi hard work paid off and his desire got fullfilled
He called Aditi and told her to come at his place as soon as soon
Aditi took few minutes to reach his house and entered his room..
"What happened Adi, today everyone is so happy and so u, is something special"? She said being clueless
"Yes baby, nt special very special" he rplyd with an excitment
"U know my dream came true, soon I ll be leaving for dehradun"
"Dehradun" she shouted "why"?
"Arrey for my training darling" "Army training"
Aditi stood stunned after listening this though she was happy seeing Adi's dream turning into reality but seeing him going away from her was killing her inside..
"Wowww, m really happy for u Adi"
Adi hugged her and she too hugged him tight so tight that she didn't wanted to let him go away from her
"R u happy Aditi" he asked her
"Yes very happy, can't u see my smile"
"I cn see ur smile but ur eyes r saying something else, n I cn read those silent eyes" Adi whispered
Aditi eyes couldn't stay silent for more and they speak out
Adi whipped her tears and kissed her forhead
"Don't worry Army officer bn kar, jaldi se tujhe le jauga apne sath" he said and giggled
Adi and Aditi went to airport to drop aditi's sister and were on their way back to Aditi's place
"Di went today, tomorrow u ll be leaving and den I ll be alone" she said to Adi
"Di will be back within 2-3 days and I m always their with u, waise bhi I ll call u everyday"
Adi parked the car and they both entered Aditi's house..
Aditi made coffee..
She was sitting comfortably and he was lying on her lap. Her left hand was going over thoroughly in his hairs making him feel like heaven. She smiled a little and Adi saw love and care in her eyes... 
He could feel that unusual calmness and silence in the room, he knew Aditi was nt unable to bear the pain of separation
To make the atmosphere a little lighter
Adi thought of doing some mischief
"R u happy that I going" he asked her
"Ya, quite obvious" she rplyd back
"Kahi aisa toh nhi h ki u hv one more Bf here tbhi Itni khushi ho rhi h tujhe"
Aditi pushed him and Adi pulled her close to him, whispered in her ears, "I Love You. "
"Love you too. ",she rplyd replied back.
"Really???” he asked as if he doesn’t trust her.
Aditi got a little emotional.

"You are the best thing in my world. I will always cherish the moments shared with you. I dont know you love me or not but my love is true... " she said with watery eyes
He interrupted hurriedly, "Oye chashmish!! How dare to say that I don’t love you and kaan khol k sun le my love is more true than yours "
"!! Then why do you ask 'really' and vaise my love is more pure ", she said in complaining way. And Der cute fight continued for over half an hour. As usual Adi is the one who always gets defeated by her and this time too.
"My life is empty and incomplete without you. All empty spaces of life get filled when with you. Neither 'my' love is true nor 'yours' but 'our' love is true. You believe in me and I believe in you and now you'll not say anything!! ? !! " "Ok,, Adi said to Aditi..
Next day Aditi went to airport with chetan to wish Adi goodluck for his new journey...
Adi was desperately waiting for her
seeing her in white floral dress his heart pumped a little faster
Adi hugged Aditi and whispered in her ear " take care of urself" and kissed her in ear
Aditi got a sudden shock and pinched Adi..
"Take care of her, m giving u a huge responsibility" Adi said to chetan
"Bilkul, will surely take care of her" chetan rplyd
That night Adi called Aditi after reaching dehradun
Slowly and steadily days went on passing and Adi went a bit busy with his training..
Here Aditi felt lonely, Adi's physical absence sometimes aches her though Adi managed to call her but still their was something which was lacking..

It was late at night when she got a mail from Adi, without wasting a second she opened the mail and started reading
"Hi swthrt, Kaisi ho...
Bs fir se emotional ho gai na mail dekh kr, I noe u r missing me even m missing u too,,
From the day, I met you until now we never stayed away from each other. There is no single day that I did not meet you and moved hand in hand. But I think it is the testing phase god has put us into to realize how great we love each other.. I am doing this only for our future,, I really love u a lot and Agr tujhe trust nhi h toh ask ur heart,... Jaldi aauga and fir tujhe miss se Jaldi Mrs. Bnauga, loads of love and kisses darling, take care"
Tears rolled down frm her eyes... She felt blessed to have Adi in her life and prayed that this bond stays forever.
It went a bit difficult for Adi and Aditi to maintain the relation but they still hold it together...
Inbetween Aditi also went to Mumbai for her further studies and kept herself busy their but still she missed Adi
Days transformed into months and months into year and finally that day arrived when Adi came back home and Aditi too returned back to meet him...
Adi asked her to come at the same place where they first meet
Both were too excited as if it was their first meeting
"After a year long wait I finally met him, i ll be in his arms" Aditi muttered and took out her best dress from wardrobe
Adi was waiting for her inside the resort garden when one girl took his attention, yes that was "Aditi, his Aditi"
Adi's and aditi's eye met, Aditi blused seeing him infront of her, the moment was full of silence either Adi spoke a word nor Aditi, lips were stitched but their eyes were speaking...
Aditi hugged Adi tightly broke that silence and whispered to adi "I felt complete once again"
She closed her eyes and her head was resting on his shoulder she felt as she was in heaven.
"Adi, I luv u, ur arms where I feel so secure, ur eyes where I can always lose myself, ur smile which can always enchant me. I m feeling it all exactly after an year! That time when I was on the way my heart was pounding faster, was just wondering how would I greet you!!" Aditi said with moist eyes
when they saw eachother it seemed as if the time paused, as if everything just stopped.
After hearing this 
Adi grabbed her in his arms.. Aditi was smiling but he was crying.. she was just smiling but he had tears in his eyes yet a very wide smile on his face..
For minutes he didn't let her go.. He cupped her face in his palms and said just one sentence "I missed you so very much!"
His voice seemed so much better than it does on phone! She fell in love all over again!
After a year they felt so happy, everything felt so perfect...
"What's their in me that hez so in love with me"
She used to ask this question to herself everytime she saw Adi with her, happy, content and satisfied.
They both were just meant to be with eachother.
His essence, his aura was something which made her fall for him over and over again.
She didn't knew if it is love or something even more. 
May be, she was the one. To be with him, to be only and only his..
Finally the most awaited day arrived and Adi's parents went to Aditi's house for asking Aditi's hand for Adi though they were very young for it but adi wanted to name their relation and so asked his parents to do so...
Next morning bought a new ray and new beginning for them..
Door band rang and with it Aditi's heart started pumping faster, she was nervous..
His parents settled and talked about the "rishta" as they already knew a bit about eachother's family so they thought to do a basic thing called "roka"
Aditi entered the room she was looking like an angel who just came down from heaven, wearing a pink saree covering her head with palla she came near to Adi's parents, touched their feet and seek blessings..
wow what an aura it was, it seemed like adi and Aditi both wanted to pause this moment..
All her dreams were turning into reality.
She didn't had words to thank god for giving her such a Perfect partner "Adi"...
Adi came near to her and whispered "tu aj bhi roegi, Mrs.Adi Rathore"
Aditi blushed was too shy that didn't evn look at him once,,
Adi kept on looking at her as if he was admiring her beauty silently
Everyone requested Adi to dedicated one song to Aditi on this auspicious occasion, Adi agreed, just sang few lines
He Holded Aditi's hand, bend down on his knees and sang
'" Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil padh jaye tum Dena sath mera..
Naa koi hai, naa koi thaa, zindagi mein tumhaare sivaa..
Tum denaa saath meraa, o, humnavaa"
He sang Aditi's fav song, she was just tough tight
"Degi na hamesha sath" he asked her after that..
She just nodded her head..
Roses petals flew down on them..
Perfect couple ppl shouted and whistled
Aditi felt as she is in dream land with her prince charming
Aditi was waiting for Adi's call n she didn't know when sleep stuck her, at around 12:30 her Phn buzzed she immediately woke up and saw adi's call, she answered the call with a huge bright smile.. they talked for almost an hour and planned to meet tomorrow..
Though it was a usual meeting but was a bit special as nw she got a new title though nt fully "Mrs. Adi" 
She got ready and Adi came to pick her up...
"Mann nhi lagta na bina mile tumhara" she taunted as soon as she sat inside the car, Adi looked at her in a surprised way...
"Kya hua, why r u staring me like this"
"U heard something Aditi"
"What" she asked being clueless
"U called me "tum", Itni respect, m overwhelmed" he teased her and giggled
She smiled and slap him on his shoulder
Adi parked the car near chetan's place and asked him to come down...
"Hey, hi brother and congrats buddy" chetan wished Adi
"Congrats, Aditi bhabhi" chetan wished her too bt in a teasing way
Aditi blushed and thanked him...
Three of them went for a dinner where they shared their past moments.. 
chetan revealed adi's secret in front of Aditi that how adi reacted when he first saw her, he laughed crazily after telling her and taunted Adi "Kyu, bhai kitna bolti h yeh, tujhe kya pasand Aaya"..
Adi giggled and looked down memorizing his words and Aditi stared at Adi with a strange smile on her face..
"Haiiii, u said like this"? she asked adi
"No, I mean Yes, I said baby but that time I didn't know u so well na, waise bhi past ki baatein h, fact is that today I m in love with u" he said her to cover up his earlier words....
Aditi smiled after hearing this
Everything was going just so perfect or may be beyond perfect....
Adi called her and informed that he and his few frnds made a plan to visit kasauli and might be leaving tomorrow early morning...
"Wot the hell Adi, Kbhi its ur training Kbhi its ur tour, why everytime u wants to go away frm me"? She shouted angrily
"Awaaayy, its just abt 3-4 days only bby and if u want u can also join us, I won't mind" he rplyd back gently
"No, m nt interested and u do whatever u feel like to do" she said and cutted the call
Adi tried her number again n several times more but it was switched off...
Darkness got over with the first ray of sun, 
Aditi opened her eyes and saw a huge bouquet of red roses in front of her, she stared it for few minutes, she went down and asked her maid "what's the occasion, who gave that bouquet"...
Maid answered with that a man came early in the morning and said to give this to you..
"Meeeeee" she muttered shockingly and went inside her room, looked at the flowers and Der she found one card on which it was written "with loads of love ur Adi"
She immediately switched on her Phn and saw her Phn was overloaded with several msgs frm Adi
"Such a crazy man he is" she said to herself and called Adi
"Goodmrng Darling" Adi spoke as soon as he answered her call
"You r really very very clever, u noe how to make me smile n that's wht I love abt you,, I love u Adi"
"Ahaaaa, aj toh tu Mrng mei he romantic ho rhi h" he teased her
"Sht up, please Jaldi aana n do take care of Urself Adi" she said in a concerned
But this tour changed their lives forever...
Sometimes it happens that we don't feel like to talk to anyone, we just wants to be alone n keep ourself away frm everyone..
Something disturbed Aditi whole night
though Shez don't noe exactly what it was but she was nt feeling good and thought of calling Adi, she called Adi but his no. Was unreachable...
She fall asleep with that awkward feeling..
In the Morning again tried his no. it was nt reacheable, this made her more worried..
Aditi went to Adi's place, she was stunned to see that their was no one except his maid..
"Is everything alrite, I mean aunty n uncle where r they" Aditi asked his servant
"Woh, aj Subah Subah he Kahi chale gae h" his maid rplyd back
"But where" she asked, this time more curiously
"Don't know but they said will be back soon"
Aditi left his house with many thoughts in her mind, she called Adi again bt this time his number was switched off
"Switched off, what the hell" she shouted with watery eyes and without wasting time called chetan
"Did adi called you"
"What happened" chetan asked her
"Actually m trying his no. Since night, its not reachable nw its switched off n evn Adi's parents r nt at home they went somewhere today morning, I don't know what's happening"
Chetan stayed silent for few seconds 
"Stop crying Aditi, their might be some network prblm that's all and parents kisi ke Ghr gae honge, u don't worry and take care of Urself" he said and somehow consoled her
Aditi went home, saw her parents sitting and were talking slowly
"So, what r u talking about" she asked her parents
"Nothing just asusual, sit" her father rplyd
"No,no u both carry on with ur talk m going inside my room"
though she didn't know what actually her parents were talking about but frm gestures she could make out that it was nt usual talks
She got a strange feeling that somewhere something is wrong for sure but what that was a mystery for her
She lay down on her bed, opened her lappy and looked at their pic 
"Aren't we just so perfect Adi, m incomplete without u, missing u" 
She said and kissed the pic...
At evening around 7:30 chetan visited Aditi..
Aditi was stunned seeing chetan. 
The glow of his face was somewhere lost.
"Is everything alrite" she asked shockingly
It seemed like he didn't smile for years, he looked sad..
She got tears seeing him like this.
Aditi hugged him and didn't utter a single word but her heart was pumping faster.
Don't cry" chetan said and wiped her tears. She still didn't utter a single word, just kept looking at him.
"Aditi I need to tell you something" he said hesitatingly.
She saw his eyes, she knew something was dead wrong. She held his hand and asked "What?"
Aditi remained silent for a minute and he just kept staring at her. She could see a strange pain in his eyes. "What tell me?" She asked again but this time more curiously. "something is hell wrong,I could sense that" Aditi said to chetan
Chetan held her hand again and said "Aditi sometimes in life we have to face hard time but at the end everythng gets well"
"Chetan don't satisfy me with these words, just tell me please"
"Adiiiiiiiiiiii " he said And went numb... 
The moment she heard Adi's name her eyes flooded with tears, she didn't had the courage to ask further but had to ask the dreaded question. She took a deep breath and asked "Adi, what chetan?"
"U just come with me" n took her along with him.
chetan parked his car near "Fortis hospital".... Aditi's voice got choked when her eyes read "Fortis", went inside with watery eyes and saw Adi's parents and her own parents sitting their..
Her world went upside down,
ICU her heart read and tried to console her that Adi will be fine..
She took a glimpse of Adi from outside..
That feeling, that feeling of broken just devastated her from within... She didn't even realize when tears slipped from the corner of her eyes... She was completely shattered into pieces.. 
"Mumma, Adi" she said and just fell down
Her parents took her home...
"Adi, pls took me Der, I want to be with him" Aditi said to her sister when she got in her senses....
"Aditi, control urself, adi will be fine very soon" her sister consoled her and said
She could understand what her sister is going through..
That whole night Aditi cried like a little baby. All his past memories flashed infront of her eyes, his smile, his care, their first meet and everything surrounded her.
She was lying on bed with eyes open flooded with tears,
Her heart kept on praying whole night and mind played his memories..
Every girl since she comes into her senses has many dreams, one of the dream is surely about her "PRINCE", kneeling down romantically and proposing her to spend entire life with him. This was Aditi's biggest dream too which came true so suddenly...
But it seems like life wants to snatch it frm her....
Life is full of unexpected things and incidences.. 
It was 4 am when Aditi's Phn rang breaking the silence inside her room...
"Adi is better now" chetan informed her...
Aditi took a deep breath, these words of chetan gave her heart a little relief,
"I will come soon" she rplyd back while whipping her tears.. That whole night she chanted prayers for him n it seems like god answered her prayers...
Aditi informed her parents and went to hospital.. 
She saw Adi's parents sitting their and went towards them..
Adi's mother saw Aditi's eyes, they were speaking her situation, Aditi looked shattered and smashed...
His mother came near, 
"Hez fine now, go inside " she said while curving her lips a bit n hugged Aditi..
Aditi knew what was going deep inside his mother's heart n how hard it was for her..
Aditi nodded her head n went inside, she looked at Adi, he was still nt in his senses..
Seeing him like this was pinching her harder...
She sat near to him n held his hand,
"It's been long nw pls speak to me,m dying to hear u, i beg u Adi, pls" she whispered in dim with moist eyes...
She couldn't control herself n ran outside..
"Aditi" his mother said 
Aditi hugged her tightly n cried, cried like anything..
"Mom, tell Adi to wake up nw, he loves you more thn anything n m sure he ll listen you"
His mother stayed numb as there were no words left...
Chetan took Aditi n Adi's mother home, asked them to rest a bit and promised Aditi that he ll keep on informing her abt Adi...
Because of whole night n disturbed mind, she didn't realise when she slept...
When she woke up it was 5 in the evening, 
Aditi went towards her dinning room, saw her sister...
"Mumma and papa, kaha h" Aditi asked her sister
"They went to Adi's place, hez fine nw" she rplyd back
Aditi sat near to her sister but remained silent...
Aditi's sister kept on staring her as if she wanted to tell her but didn't had words
"I think, I should visit hospital nw" Aditi said
"Nooooo" her sister shouted
Her responses was totally unexpected n shocked Aditi
"Di, my Adi is der" Aditi screamed painfully
Aditi ran inside her room n called chetan but too her shocked chetan didn't answered his calls
Aditi tried her parents no. N his parents no. Too but no one answered her....
It was late at night when her parents came home, Aditi ran seeing her parents n asked what's the matter
"Adi, is fine nw,he opened his eyes" her father said
Aditi had a huge smile on her face n tears in her eyes,,, her parents didn't saw her that much happy earlier..
She thanked god thousand times for giving her life back
Next morning she didn't informed her parents n went hospital in a hurry n was surprised to see that Adi was nt their...
She rushed downstairs n enquired about Adi, 
"The boy who was in ICU, "Adi Rathore,where is he"?
"His father came and took him because...."
Aditi was stunned after hearing him "TOOK", she couldn't believe her ears,
She didn't evn gave him a chance to complete his sentences "Thank u" she said n ran.
Aditi went straight to Adi's place to see him...the whole way she kept on thanking god for returning the colors of her life back with a huge smile on her face but she was nt aware of what destiny has planned for her...
Aditi was astonished seeing so mny ppl at Adi's place, she just got clueless what exactly was happening with her suddenly her eyes noticed chetan standing at a corner with few frnds,
"Chetan. What's all this?''Aditi desperately wanted to know
Chetan stood silent for seconds,
"Say, something, chetannnn"
"Adi is no more" tears rolled down frm his cheeks while saying this
"What rubbish" she shouted
The moment she made her first step inside the room,, it broke her, she was stunned to see Adi lying, her Adi....
Aditi's life stopped their, her heart refused to pump and her soul was denying what eyes saw
Devasted Aditi went near to him and rubbed his forehead 
" Adi, please wake up its high time now, I can't bear more" she screamed n busted out
"Please, Adi, please" utho na" she cried
Aditi heart denied seeing him like this and she rushed towards her house
She climbed up the stairs which end up at her room n pushed the door...
Her soul was still nt ready to accept the fact
She cried looking at their pictures...
Aditi's sister went inside her room
"Aditi, please control yourself, please"
Aditi kept gazing at the pictures "He was a cheat" she said
"No, Aditi!! He really loved you"
"He cheated me n my emotions!! If he had loved me so truly thn why didn't he took me along with him, why he left me here"... 
She was just not in her senses...
She losted her life, her love, her everything..
Her sister couldn't utter a word because the situation was way beyond hopeless..
Aditi cried, cried like anything, he was her first love, the person whm she cared n loved more thn she did for herself.
It's not easy to survive, specially after you had lost ur love, it was impossible to spend even a day without tears...
"We were so happy... Everything was so perfect, I don't know whom to blame Time or Destiny" she muttered
All his lies and all his smiles pounded in her memory and all she did was to cry...
For weeks she cried like crazy but day by day her tears vanished but soul still cried for him.,, For a week she hardly ate anything, she just kept sleeping and crying..... I was just not in my senses...
Aditi left her studies inbetween and it took few months to get her senses back...
"Its been 6 months now, Aditi u should move on" Deepanshi said to Aditi in a low voice
Aditi looked at her sister, "How Di?? every corner of this room reminds me of him evn my own name says his name first"
"Aditi, I know its difficult for you but you have to do this nt for Urself but for him"
Aditi decided and went back to continue her studies from the very beginning, she knew it would be difficult for her,,
Days transformed into months n months into years n that day arrived when she came up with her own Label, 
A well known designer..
She had everything Name, Fame n big house bt still something was missing, Aditi lived alone n
She kept herself totally into her work but at some corner of mind, Adi was still their holding her hand...
It was 2am, Aditi was working hard on her project suddenly her eyes stopped at calender "5th May", this date was very special for her, it was their anniversary, she kept aside her work unlocked her phone, opened gallery and locked her eyes on tiny screen of phn
"U always wanted me to stand on my own n see today ur Aditi is here, hope m making u proud, love you Adi" she didn't realised when tears popped from corner of her eyes... Aditi whipped them n again was back to her work
It was new year party thrown by her close friend,so it ended up late...
It was almost 1 Whn Aditi parked her car, went towards her house and rang the bell,..
Too her surprise it was nt her maid who opened the door, it was her sister Deepanshi..
"You, why didn't u informed me? 
when u arrived?
you came alone"?? Aditi was happy seeing her someone special
"Whow, Whow, take a deep breath Aditi, I wanted to surprise you, so u liked it"?
"I loved it Di, though this city is has given me everything but still I feel alone here, m really happy to see you"
" Aditi, m really proud of you" her sister said n went to sleep
Aditi was desperately waiting for Nxt morning, 
"Hey Di, goodmrng" Aditi wished her sister morning, Aditi was bit nervous that how will her sister react after hearing this, 
Aditi said in one go, "Di, I want to adopt a child"
Her sister was shocked n gazed her for a second
" Adopt a child, WHY?? Have you lost ur mind" she "Di today I hv everything but still I don't feel happiness anywhere" Aditi said calmly
"Why don't u settle down, why don't u marry" her sister rplyd
"Marriage" Aditi literally shouted on top of her voice
"How cn you say so, evn how cn u think of it, how cn I let go Adi" she continued
"Shut up! Just shut up! It's been years,, situation n time both r different now,,,, u have to let go his memories n I won't support you in this,, m sorry Aditi"

Aditi went pale and speechless,,, it didn't took more time when her parents called her back to Delhi...
"See Aditi we hv selected one boy for you and we hope you will also like him, this is his picture" her mother said
"Guy, picture?? What's this mumma, Marriage"
She shouted in shock
"Yes, marriage!! We want you to settle now"
Aditi was almost shattered hearing this 
"No, I can't !!! I already surrendered myself to Adi, understand me mumma and support me in my decision please"
Her parents tried their best but Aditi stood strong on her decision and went back to her work leaving all relation behind
It was a big step that she took n knew she was all alone
Aditi struggled hard for few months, initially adopted a child n named him "Ansh", 

The name which Aditi n Adi both decided for their child... 
Ansh added colors in Aditi's colorless life, she tried to contact her family but their was no response,,, 
Aditi had a new life,, she was a mother now,
It was nt easy for her,, being a single mother is really tough especially in our society,,, 
She googled and bought many books on parenthood..
Aditi played both roles of a mother n father tooo, she wanted to give her child the best..
It was fun and being a mother of 2 yr old naughty boy kept Aditi busy.... Ansh made her laugh one minute and drive her crazy the next, she was enjoying motherhood.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

जय हिंद

चिटकाई जिनमें चिंगारी,
जो चढ़ गये पुण्यवेदी पर
लिए बिना गर्दन का मोल
कलम, आज उनकी जय बोल।

जो अगणित लघु दीप हमारे
तूफानों में एक किनारे,
जल-जलाकर बुझ गए किसी दिन
माँगा नहीं स्नेह मुँह खोल
कलम, आज उनकी जय बोल।

पीकर जिनकी लाल शिखाएँ
उगल रही सौ लपट दिशाएं,
जिनके सिंहनाद से सहमी
धरती रही अभी तक डोल
कलम, आज उनकी जय बोल।

अंधा चकाचौंध का मारा
क्या जाने इतिहास बेचारा,
साखी हैं उनकी महिमा के
सूर्य चन्द्र भूगोल खगोल
कलम, आज उनकी जय बोल।

Sunday, June 14, 2020


                          कुरेदती होगी अंदर से शाय़द ,
                      वरना सांसो से कौन तौबा करता है !

Friday, May 15, 2020

खुद ही मुस्कुराना है
खुद के ही आंसू पोछना है
खुद का हाल भी पूछना है
खुद को ही बहलाना है
कभी मंद मंद
कभी चमक चमक
खुद ही खुद को हंसाना है
खुद ही खुद का फसाना भी है..

Monday, April 20, 2020

कोशिश थी हवाओं की
हमें पत्तों की तरह उडाने की,
साजिश थी ज़माने की
हमें हर वक्त आजमाने की,
साथ किसी का मिल न सका कभी,
पर आदत हमारी थी हर बार जीत जाने की.
यकीन था ख़ुद पर,
कुछ कर गुजरने की ठानी थी,
दीवानगी जो थी मंजिल को पाने की,
उसे जूनून अपना बनाने की
आदत हमारी थी.
राह जो चुनी थी हमने अपनी,
हर मोड़ पर मिली मुश्किलों की सौगात थी,
हर छोर पर गुलशन खिला दिए हमने,
कांटो से भी यारी की,
आदत हमारी थी.
ढल चुका था सूरज,
अब चाँद से मुलाक़ात की बारी थी,
ख्वाब जो देखे थे इन बंद आंखों ने,
हकीक़त उन्हें बनाने की,
आदत हमारी थी.

Friday, April 10, 2020

हम होंगे कामयाब

           ફરી છાસ વલોવી ને માખણ માંથી ઘી બન્યું,
                ને બઝાર નું બટર ને ચીઝ બંધ થયું.

                  ફરી દાળ પલાળી ને ખીરું બન્યું,
                  ને બઝાર નું વાસી ખીરું બંધ થયું.

                ફરી ઘઉં ને બાજરા ના રોટલા બન્યા,
                ને બઝાર ના પાંઉ ને પીઝા બંધ થયા.

                      કોણ કહે છે કે આ રોગ છે,
                આ તો નીરોગી રહેવાનો સંજોગ છે.